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Healthcare Marketing Done Right

In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, Meros Media will always have the right strategy for your practice!

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We Make Growth Happen


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It’s Time to Achieve More

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We will curate a new patient acquisition plan to meet your practice’s growth needs. We’ll leverage the power of tracking and data analytics to successfully achieve a positive return on advertising dollars spent.


Our team of experienced writers produces the highest quality content to engage with your audience and the media. All of our content, such as videos, ad copy, and landing pages, are beautifully designed, masterfully developed, and uniquely engaging.


Every single piece of content for your practice is meticulously crafted to achieve the highest possible organic traffic growth. We grow clinics and practices in even the most competitive sectors to the top results on search engines, making your website and brand synonymous with top keywords.


From websites to promotional content, to brand messaging, Meros Media is your definitive source of producing the perfect image for your business. The branding for our clients not only stands out visually but expertly relays the message of your brand persona.

Check Out Our Previous Results


Cellaxys – Las Vegas, Nevada

Our team grew Cellaxys from barely 100-page visitors a month to the #1 search result for “stem cell therapy” in Las Vegas. With our curated media and content strategies, Cellaxys has seen a 241% increase in patient volume in less than two years: All while decreasing its marketing budget.

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ROAS12 month progress
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increase in booked consultations12 month progress
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20% growth in lead volume12 month progress
Revenue Generated Icon
Additional Revenue Generated12 month progress
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364 New Patients12 month progress
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Procedures Completed12 month progress

Vivaxys – Las Vegas, Nevada

Vivaxys is a regenerative clinic, focused on providing natural aesthetic solutions that enable the body to heal and regenerate itself. They work on a personal level to ensure that these issues are addressed and treated properly for each individual patient and their aesthetic concerns.

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Million Ads Impressions6 month progress
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Booked Consultations6 month progress
Revenue Generated Icon
Leads Generated6 month progress
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Avg. Cost Per Lead 6 month progress

Our Approach

Acquire High-value Patients

We’ll create digital advertising ads that will attract new patients to your practice.

  • Lead & Opportunity Management
  • Patient Journey Mapping
  • Email & SMS Marketing Automation
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Develop Sales Blueprint

We’ll curate a custom plan to maximize your sales process and increase your revenue.

  • Sales Training
  • Care Plan Presentation
  • Follow-up Framework
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Establish Market Expertise

We’ll take a multi-layered branding approach to help your practice stand out from the competition.

  • High Visibility on Google
  • Patient Video Testimonials
  • Content Library
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Reactivate Patient List

We’ll execute tactics that will put inactive patients back on your schedule.

  • Phone & SMS Outreach
  • Email Newsletter
  • Direct Mail
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When Can You See the Effects of Your Marketing Efforts?

Within 2-3 months, our marketing efforts are reflected in the increase of your website traffic and presence in the media. Over 6 months, our clients see significant results from our marketing campaigns.

How Do We Measure the Success of Our Campaigns?

Every campaign will accomplish something different, but success remains at the forefront. We will analyze your clinic’s growth in patient volume, website traffic, SEO position and much more.

When Can You See the Effects of Organic Traffic?

Clients at Meros Media see our results in their organic campaigns in as little as 3 months, however, that does depend on the number of factors. Usually, the most significant results are seen after 6 months.

How Will You Know How Things Are Going?

The entire Meros Media team is connected through regular monthly meetings to track all progress of all our campaigns. We also present monthly reports in detail for all our clients.

Interested in Growing Your Business?

Interested in Growing Your Business?